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Hello. This is Liang.

I am a User Experience Designer who grew up with an enthusiasm for being creative while staying rigorous. 


After obtained a master degree in User Experience, I was eager to discover the perfect balance between artistic creation and engineering rigor. And 4 years working as a User Experience designer at Siemens, Insperity, and a start-up allows me to enrich my understanding of user experience from multiple perspectives.


I love watercolor drawing, swimming, and hiking. Moreover, I'm always open to discussing interesting topics, so feel free to drop me a line, or find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Dribbble.

My Design Philosophy

Fail fast, fail forward.

Failure is not ideal, but we should not be afraid of it. The sooner it happens to you, the sooner you can learn from them. 

User experience needs persistent persuasion and nurturing.

Working with a cross-discipline team requires constant persuasion and communication on UX value and it's my job to be the user advocate. The process can be challenging but the end result will be much more rewarding. 


All user experience design projects are case studies, not science.

Before applying a design that was used successfully by other teams, we should always ask ourselves if this design fits into the context.

Never copy a design without a thorough strategy.

Interested in getting in touch?

Drop me a line =)

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