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Boost Conversion with Simplicity

Lead UX Designer


Feb 2017 - May 2017


Increase blog subscribers without a clear direction on what to improve. 

Identify the problem without a direct channel to talk to the users.


A renovation of Insperity resource center, including the blog session, e-book session, webinar session. 




on blog subscribers​

on e-book downloads


on average pageview

UX + Marketing

Home-blog background.png
Home-blog-mobile-frame-min (1).png

Define the Problem

1 - 1

Project Kickoff

As a critical part to deliver prospects to the sales channel, [blablabla]. Although the blog attracts more than 40,000 visitors per week, the subscription rate is way below the average subscription rate in the market.  


We want to increase blog subscribers by improving the user experience of the blog. 

1 - 2

User Research + Market Research

By leveraging online survey tools and analytics tools, we discovered below pain points:


Instant popups interrupt the momentum of reading


Unrelevent side rail elements make it difficult to focus on the content

Old Interior Page - problem.png

Market research results reinforce the idea of keeping the page simple.


1 - 3

Refined Problem

Too many distractions create an unpleasant reading experience.

Ideate the Solution

2 - 2


2 - 1

Required Feature

One location with concise information

The general direction is clear, but what information does an applicant truly need? When does he/she need it? Referring back to user data allowed me to answer these questions with details.

Present the Outcome


Lesson Learned

Persuasion is a quality a UX designer must have

At the beginning of the development, I constantly reminded them of the importance of understanding users and the importance of design requirements, I even conducted user research alone. UX designers have a lot of opportunities to work with professional or clients from various areas, but that means there are chances that co-workers or clients are not familiar with UX, which leads to the situation that they don't want to invest time to conduct user research or usability testings. As a UX designer, we don't have to force them to admit the value of doing user research or conducting user testings. Instead, what we need to do is to persuade them to let us do our job.

But, how? Yes, it depends. 

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